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Wavy Sew In

Wavy Sew In is a beautiful hairstyle. Wavy hair sew in waves can support a variety of looks, from carefree and beachy to stylish and elegant. This is a great hairstyle. Wavy Sew In is perfect for many girls.

Wavy Sew In is not overly greasy or drying, so it offers many different styling options in the range of curly or straight hair. This hair type reflects shine well and is very bouncy, although it is the most frizz-prone type of curly hair.

Difference Between Curly Hair and Wavy Sew In

The curly and wavy hair differ in their curl tightness, thickness and texture.

The curls follow an "s" or "z" pattern, or some variation in between. The curled stitching of sew-in is prone to tangling, breakage, drying and curling. Because of the uneven hair follicles, you will notice that this hair type is not as shiny as the wavy stitches in the hair.

Curly wavy seams are actually the most fragile of all curly hair types. This hair type is extremely dry and requires constant protection and hydration.

Sew-in wavy hair is very shiny. A wavy hair sew-in weave is the perfect balance between curly hair and straight hair, having naturally wavy hair is both timeless and beautiful.

In other words, it's the perfect no-perm hairstyle option for women who want to add body and enhance wavy hair with loose curls.

Beautyforever Best Wavy Hair

If you're tired of your current hairstyle, trying Wavy Sew In might be a good option.

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