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Wig Storage

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How To Properly Storage Wigs?

Today we're gonna find cool wig storage ways to store our favorite wigs. It's just that we want to make sure that your wigs are safely stored.

The first method being hair bags wig storage.

I will show you how they work in order to store your way around unzip it and the hair bags actually folds down, so that you can actually get the hair bags out to attach the wig, and the clip opens up so you're going to clip your human hair wigs or hair bundles, you're gonna pull the hanger back, up and that closes the clamp once you close the clamp, you're gonna stick it back, into the hair bags. The wig is now inside the bag and then you're just going to go ahead and make sure it's all in there and zip it up, and for these wig bags, they're really for like small storage.

The second wig storage method is to rotate the hanger.

There is a circle of clips on the top and bottom of the rotating clothes hanger, about dozens of them. Hang the wig on the clip-like clothes. You can open your human hair wigs and hook them on the two clips, whether it is washed and dried naturally or for wig storage, you can use this rotating hanger, and there is no problem with placing dozens of human hair wigs on it.

The last method is to use a foam head

Foam head should be the most commonly used method for wig storage. When you visit a wig shop, you will notice that the wigs in the store use foam heads to support human hair wigs, and the wig shelves used to place the foam heads can also be replaced by bookshelves.

Buy great products from beautyforever.com now and use the above wig storage method!

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