I believe one of the primary reasons we wear hair weaves, is to give our natural hair a break from the daily styling and stress put on our strands. Well, Brazilian curly hair can meet you the needs and gives Black women most natural look and have the longest lifespan.

Brazilian Curly Hair Weave

The Brazilian curly hair offers the thickness and versatility known to Brazilian hair with natural curls that bounce back easily when wet. Brazilian curly human hair weave has a natural thickness that gives a lot of body and versatility once installed. Heat and color can be safely applied for a beautiful, customized look. Brazilian curly is 100% Virgin Brazilian human hair and all cuticles are intact.

Curly hair weave: this type is coarse and naturally curly, making it a great choice for a low maintenance natural look. Brazilian curly hair is typically sourced from donors with Native Indian and African ancestry.

How to choose Curly hair 

Curly hair that is best worn in its natural curly state or fuller curly hair styles. 5 – 4 oz per bundle – 2 bundles will achieve a full weave. Longer lengths 16’inches and above, customers should purchase 3 bundles for a full weave.