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How To Cut Bangs On Curly Hair

Curly wigs with bangs are one of those hairstyles that are currently trending. People are now starting to embrace their natural texture. When your human hair wigs do not have bangs, you may consider cutting them to give you the kind of look you desire.

But cutting bangs is a huge decision that you must think through. There are so many things you need to take into consideration. Remember once you cut out the bangs in the curly human hair wigs, they will always remain in the shape of the bangs.


In this article, we are going to explore some of the things you need to consider before cutting bangs and how to cut your bangs. Lets get started!


Factors To Consider Before Cutting Your Bangs


As mentioned above, cutting your bangs is a huge decision that you cannot take lightly. Here are some of the top factors you need to consider before you cut your bangs:


1. The shape of your face


Your face shape will determine how the bangs will look on you. Bangs generally look great on oblong, diamond, oval, and heart-shaped faces. For people with square and round-shaped faces, bangs can modify the shape of their faces and make their faces look better.


 curly hair wigs with bangs


2. Your curl type


There is a huge difference between super curly hair bangs and wavy bangs. Wavy hair bangs can be challenging at times because they can look quite stringy. It is advisable to cut wavy bangs thicker to make them look a lot stronger. Super curly hair bangs are usually easier to style. However, they have a great spring factor. This is why it is crucial to cut super curly bangs when they are dry in their natural curly formation.


3. How thick you want the bangs to be


Another essential factor to consider is how thick you want the bangs to be. But, of course, thicker bangs look great than thinner ones. In addition to that, thicker bangs look great on long faces. Whisper bangs, on the other hand, look better on square and rounder faces.  


4. What length you want


Again, before you start cutting your bangs, you need to determine which length you want. The best way to cut your bangs is below the eyebrows and above the eyelashes. However, cutting shorter bangs can look better if you have a round face because they make the face look more oval.


5. Do you want to cut the bangs straight across or round down at the edges?


Bangs that carve down slightly at the edges generally look better because they tend to frame the eyes nicely. However, if you want a more retro look, bangs that go straight across all the way to the side hairlines can be perfect.


It can be sexy to hide your eyes behind wispy bangs. But nobody wants to hide hair in their eyes. Its up to you if you want hair in front of your eyes or not.


6. Your Remy human hair thickness


If you have thinner Remy human hair, you will have to use a large amount of hair to create bangs. On the other hand, you can easily create bangs with a smaller amount of your hair if you have thicker human hair wigs. This decision will affect the design of the rest of your haircut depending on the amount of hair left behind after cutting bangs.  


How To Cut Your Curly Hair Bangs


Now that you have a better understanding of some of the things you need to have in mind before cutting your curly bangs, lets take a look at a step-by-step guide on how you can cut your curly bangs.


curly hair wigs with bangs 


1. Gather all the necessary tools


First things first, before you cut your curly bangs, you must have all the necessary tools you will need. The choice is yours whether you are going to use shears [if you want a cleaner look] or use a razor [if you are looking to achieve a more freehand finish]. You will also need a wide-tooth comb and hair clips. You will use the comb to part your hair and the clips to help you keep the rest of your locks out of the way as you cut the bangs.


2. Prepare your hair


Of course, preparing your human hair wigs before you start cutting the bangs is vital. Hair experts recommend that your human hair wigs should be dry when cutting. This is because wet hair generally stretches, so if you cut your hair when it is wet, you will probably end up cutting them too short and funnily, you will not realize it until when they are dry.


Cutting your bangs while they are completely dry is an easier way to set yourself for success. If possible, go ahead and style your hair exactly how you usually wear it before you grab the shears. If you are cutting your curly bangs for the first time, you need to be as professional as you can and pay attention, too.


3. Know your technique


If you have decided to cut your bangs on your own, then you need to take it slow. Haircutting is one of those DIY tasks that require utmost concentration. The last thing you want is to damage your beautiful human hair wigs.  Follow these steps to cut your bangs like a pro.


Step 1: Comb the free section of hair forward in front of your eyes and point cut with shears or use a razor. A pointcut is when your hairstylist finishes off your cut by snipping your ends vertically. And it is the best technique for cutting bangs with tons of texture. It can help create texture and softens the line.


Step 2: When cutting your bangs, you should start at the edge of the free section and work your way out as you make your first bang snips. You should stand in front of a mirror so that you can have multiple vintage points when cutting your bangs.


Step 3: When cutting your bangs, remember to go at least a half-inch longer than you think you want your bangs. You can always trim them if you are not satisfied with your look when there is extra length, but you wont get back what you have already cut off.


Step 4: Once you have cut the bangs, let them drop down and gaze at your beautiful masterpiece. Add some hairspray to make them looking moisturized and fresh.


Trimming or cutting curly bangs can be quite challenging because curly hair is generally delicate in nature.


curly wigs with bangs 


A point to note, when cutting your curly bangs, you need to take few precautions. You need to start by stretching the curl human hair wigs out so that you see each spiral forming and remember to treat each curl in the bangs differently.


Having bangs can really enhance your look. However, if you decide to cut or trim your human hair wig bangs, remember to do it carefully; otherwise, you may end up damaging your human hair and regret the whole move. It is best to let your hairstylist do the cutting or trimming of your bangs. They know how to do it properly because, after all, thats their specialty. They will ensure that they cut the bangs on curly human hair wigs properly in a way that will look neat and beautiful.

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