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How to Define Curly Hair? Beauty Forever Curly Human Hair Night Routine

Apr 1, 2023

How to Define Curly Hair? Follow this night routine, you can get your curly human hair well defined for pre your hair for next day, and this routine also suits for wavy hair.

We all hear that curly hair is hardly to take care of. But, with proper routine, you can get your curly human hair well defined, and this routine also suits for wavy hair.


How to Define Curly Hair-Night Routine

Today's video I'm gonna show you how to take care of some curly human hair and I'm also gonna throw in a little night routine that Dasia does to prep her hair for school for the next day. The hair here is Malaysian Jerry Curly Hair 4 bundles, 2 bundles of 18 inches, 2 bundles of 20 inches, and a 18 inch closure.


So we're gonna bounce these curls back so what I'm gonna do is take a spray bottle and just spray to hair, spray to hair all over, don't drench it so just enough for it to be damp. So as you can see the curls are already a little bit rejuvenated.

So what I have is some curl enhancing smoothie. So I'm gonna just take a generous amount and rub it through the hair, you can see how the ends look kind of raggedy right here, but we're gonna bring this back to life. So I am going to spray some more water on it. Curly hair you really do have to take good care of, it really do have to keep it moisturized.


So I put a little bit more of the curl enhancing smoothie on it, and just kind of scrunch it up so the curl pattern of this Malaysian curly hair looks a lot better now.


I'm going to take some oil, this is just some castor oil, you can use any kind of oil. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil. Get some and just put that on hair and that's gonna seal in the moisture. Okay so I've done both sides and you see how flowy it is and it's a lot better, and they look juicy.


So now we're gonna prep her Curly hair for be it. What I do is part her hair, I take two sections of her hair and then I just twist it up, then I'm gonna take the other side and twist it up or you can just twist it in one twist.


Then I'll just take it and pin it up, and then I'll take a bobby pin and just pin it down and then you're gonna grab your hair bonnet, and there you go, it's all safe and secure, nice and juicy, and moisturized. And what she wake up in the morning actually got to do is take her hair bond it off, she's gonna fix her edges in the morning, take the hair bonnet off, hey you're gonna take the bobby pin out, take the twist up and go, that is it.


How she would have to do in the morning is fix her edges so the hair is still nice and soft and flowy, so the update on this hair is basically the same as it was when we first installed it on her hair, it's still nice, soft, flowy, no shedding, no tangling, well of course we're gonna receive tangling if you're not taking care of the hair, because it's dry and it gets matted up, but as you see you just put a little bit water on it some kind of curling cream and the curls will bounce back.


Honestly I really think that is the way to make the curls just bounce back, I mean I think she can keep this in for a good month when when I first did the
review on this hair and every time y'all see pictures of Daisy with this hair, y'all commented how pretty the hair is and it's just like this is some beautiful hair, y'all I love the curls it's honestly some beautiful hair. We're definitely recommend it to y'all and I would definitely purchase it myself.



How to comb your curly hair?

  1. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to detangle your curly hair, thus can prevent breakage and preserve the shape of your curls.
  2.  When combing or brushing your hair, gradually move upward instead of starting at the roots. It's much easier to comb through knots at the ends first.


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