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How to Get Loose Curls – A Comprehensive Guide!

Never has a subject been more discussed and carried about as much as of “human hair”. Hair attitudes, beliefs, and styles vary across societies, cultures, and time spans. However, whenever women gather at a place and they would discuss any topic that would surely be “how to style hair”, or perhaps “how to make perfect hairdo”. Moreover, when we argue about perfect hairstyle ‘loose curls’ is what every young girl would love to have.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that females are highly obsessed with their hair and often search for beautiful hairstyles for a perfect hairdo. While many women like to have straight hair, others crave curly hair. Women who don’t have curly hair may look for ways to get those beautiful, sophisticated and alluring deep curls. Many girls even opt to get human hair wigs most significantly curly hair wigs in different styles, sizes, and colors to wear them on different occasions and on a daily basis at work as well. Whereas various other females prefer to make curls on their own hair with hair curl machines or ion.


If you also have straight hair and want to have adorable curls for an event around the corner, you may get help from this guide ultimately. The article explores how to get loose curls for all girls who are insanely obsessed with their hair and want to get eye-catching curls.


How to Get Loose Curls?


Have you already got your hair wig from a hair store and want to get loose curls on it but are afraid to spoil it? Don’t panic. You can easily get those enticing loose curls on your wig without getting it damaged. You may use dowel rods, a curling iron, sponge rollers, or even straightening iron with pins to make loveliness curls. Do it right. Do it carefully. Make sure proper treatment and boom, you will get whatever you have been craving for, for your hair.


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1. Place Your Wig On a Mannequin Head or Your Head


Putting the wig on your head will enable you to make perfect curls as well as allow you to style your wig exactly the way you want. However, if you are styling the back of it, you may put it on a mannequin head as it would be a little bit tricky to curl the back hair when the wig is placed on your head.


2. Heat The Curling Iron


It is suggested to heat the curling iron to the right point that’s approximately 180 °F (82 °C) as this is the starting point and low enough that won’t harm your hair. Also, it wise is to do a heat test on the small patch of your wig and make sure that’s the back or inner part of the wig so if any damage occurs it would be out of anyone’s sight. A pro tip is to get a wig that’s 100% human hair as it can bear more heat than the synthetic one.


 V part human hair wigs



3. Get Your Wig Free of Tangles


In order to make flawless curls, you need to get your wig free from tangles. It would be much easier to curly hair when hair is tangle-free. However, don’t use a casual brush, rather use a wide-tooth comb or a brush that has wider-set teeth. Move the comb from top to bottom to make your hair tangle-free.


4. Use A Rat-Tail Comb to Section Off the Wig Hair


Move up a weft with a rat-tail comb and clip off all the sectioned hair to the top of the head with the help of large hair clips. Keep repeating the process and section of the hair until you are left with only one layer to curl. Do keep in mind that a smaller section of hair will result in tighter ringlets and the bigger section will result in larger looser curls. So to make loose curls, you will need a bigger section of hair.


5. Begin Making Curls the Bottom Layer of Hair


Now you are all ready to initiate making those alluring curls. Use a curling iron for loose curls on your hair. Wrap a weft of hair around the curling iron and hold for a few seconds. A few curling irons require you to wrap the weft of hair at the bottom or the top of the hair. It further depends on whether you are using a curling iron with tongs or a curling wand.


 5x5 HD wigs



6. Leave the Curls Pinned for a While


It will help keep curls in the best position initially to let them set to have a naturally curly look. You may also use a wide-tooth comb to comb curls for a perfect stable natural curly look.


7. Continue Making Curls


Once you have made curls on one layer of hair, you can now continue with other layers too. Keep taking wefts or layers of hair to turn them into proper curls. Do repeat the process with each layer and section for all perfect curls. In addition, to obtain more ideal loose curls wrap the curls in various directions. You may also want to use your fingers to separate individual curls in order to craft fluffier, smaller, and tight curls – you may like it too.


Wrapping It Up


Good hair is certainly a blessing for all women. Every woman wants to have beautiful, lustrous, and appealing hair. Where most women like straight hair, others may opt to have wavy, and curly hair. It all depends on personal likes, preferences, and fondness.


Hopefully, the guide provides you with enough details on how to make loose curls for a special day near the corner or an event that you have been waiting for so long. So, next time you think about getting those beautiful curls, go through this guide and rock the stage.

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