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Feeling hair boredom? Tired of the same hairdo every day? Want to change a look but still afraid to damage your natural hair? Well then. It’s the time when Wigs come in picture. Some hairstylist says that “Hair wigs are protective hairstyles”. You can do many experiments with your hairs by using a wig and let your natural hair take a rest like they are on vacation.

But while doing so the primary requirement is to take care of your natural hair otherwise they would be suffocating beneath hair wig/weave.  Although wigs provide you the freedom to leave your home presentable any time, neglecting the hair under the wigs is the great mistake most women do. And it quite cost a lot in terms of hair damage.


So, here we have come up with some handful of tricks and tips to keep your hair as healthy and shiny as they were before wearing a wig. Dont believe. Then check out this article.


1. Never Forget your Scalp:


Due to presence of wig on head it is very obvious that blood flow towards the scalp and hair follicles get obstructed. If worn tightly the hair strands may get stretch out resulting in hair breakage or damage. Therefore it of utmost important to keep your scalp moist and conditioned. It is advised that whenever youre not wearing wig massage your scalp with good oil.


2. Do fine cleanse your hairs with good shampoo:


Cleansing the wig superficially will not be good for up keeping of your hairs. Never neglect your natural hair while taking care of your hair wig. Stringently follow the hair care routine. Never skip regular shampooing of original hairs plus keep habit of using good conditioner, periodically. It feels so thrilling to skip the wash day for your hairs but these frequent washings are necessary to remove dirt, excessive oil and also bacterial from hairs and scalp.


3. Practice Wig Liners:


There should always be barrier between hairs and the wig so to act as the protective layer. We would suggest giving preference to silk wig liner instead of cotton or nylon as it will not steal moisture from hair.


4. Keep hair dry:


You should be 100 % sure that your hairs are completely dry and conditioned before you put your wig on. If the hair beneath the wig left damped or wet then they will lead to growth of germs as well as fungi. Sometimes the growth of mildew can be observed in some cases.


5. Prefer Nylon Netting Wig:


After wearing the wig there are wide chances of suffocating the scalp and hair follicles. Therefore use of a netting wig suggested overcoming the problem. In use of the netting wigs also it is advised to use gel or silk nettings rather than cotton or nylon nettings. Some stylists and users have reported the damage of hairline as well as less hair growth while using these cotton and nylon nettings.


6.  Include Wig care products in your shopping list:


There is no room for the moisture for your scalp and hair follicles after you put wig on as most of the wigs are made up of human hair. It is therefore recommended by many hairdressers to regular use of shampoo and conditioner which suits you. If you are taking some medical advice for hair loss then you should consult your doctor before starting use of wig.


7. Never sleep in your wig:


After wearing wig your scalp can not breathe so it is not at all good to wear wig while sleeping. It might suffocate your scalp and hair follicles. Another reason is that the wig might be tight and this can damage your hair follicles as well as hair strands. After removing wig also it is advisable to apply water based moisturizer especially at the end of hair strands.


8. Making cornrows or braids:


Before hiding or protecting hair under wig or weave make sure that your natural hair strands are made into braids or cornrows. This is very important step in installation of wigs as this keeps the wig/weave in proper position and even after installation.


9. Regular visit to salon for hair trimming:


If you want the good hair growth then one way is to get rid of the dead hair ends and damaged hair. This is vital for healthy and fast-growing hair.


10. Choose proper size wig:


Get trial done before you choose a right hair wig. You can also consult your hair stylist for good suggestions. Because the wig which fits too tightly to your head will cause a huge hair loss and also lead to breakage of hair around hairline. Too tightly fitting wigs will obstruct the breathing of your hairs shafts and scalp and eventually lead to loss of hairs.


11. Try choosing a breathable Wig:


If the material from which the wigs are made is breathable i.e. allow ventilation of air through your hairs then do not wait to pick up such wig. They pose very rare chances for hair loss of hair thinning due to air circulation.


Capless wig can be considered as light-weighted wigs which allow air to freely move through your hairs and keeps you Cool.


12. Maintain your hairline:


To make wig look less bulky and more natural some people may use stacking to protect hair underneath. But this is prime cause to hair damage and hair loss at hairline. For this not to happen an adjustable velvet grip band is available which protects hairline plus keep wig at place. Also use of such headbands will ultimately reduce the use of combs and clips which are otherwise needed.


13. Try to use glues for installation of wigs:


If possible stay away from the adhesives and glues for installation of wigs. You can alternatively make use of clips, bobby pins and headbands. Hair extensions installed using glues or adhesives are very difficult to separate. They also pose a great risk for hair shaft, follicle breakage. Although adhesives are very easy to attach /but thinning of hairline due to hair breakdown is observed frequently.


14. Stay away from material hair accessories that lead to irritation of scalp:


If youre diagnosed with sensitive scalp then do not use wigs/weaves in which use of synthetic hair is done. These hairs can be the reason to development of excess scalp tenderness, itching and/or burning.


15. Take breaks:


Although you are very comfortable with your wig and styling. You have become habitual to use of wigs but still you need to take break from wig. Regular use of wigs makes us forget to take care of our original hairs. So take a break, do nicely take care of natural hair by nicely cleaning them with good quality shampoo and also deep conditioned them time to time.


16. Try to choose a Wig with frontal or closure:


It is always suggested that instead of generating heat on scalp to get required texture of wig you can easily go for use of frontal and closure. They will indeed protect your hair locks.


17. Adjust the strap so that it wont fit tight:


Sometime to make wig look more natural and realistic or to make it look flat, users tightens the wig strap too tight that it wont let your scalp breath also poses headache.  In such cases it is advisable to loose your wig strap or you can use headband wigs. Fixing of wig at proper place can be done with the help of bobby pins, clips etc.


18. Careful while choosing edge control:


Be very thoughtful while selecting edge control. A very thick edge may lead to clumping and eventually breaking of hairs. You can choose the edge control with oil to provide essential nourishment such as oil containing lavender oil, tea tree oil. After taking the wig off hair, at night, please do not forget to give your hair, scalp and specially edges a nice massage with your fingertips. This will definitely simulate the hair growth and prevent hair damage.


19. Be careful while choosing the combs:


Be very careful while running the comb through hairs. Instead of applying extra force after jamming in hair, try to sooth it with little extra care. Be careful and gentle about how you insert your comb into hair. You can give a bit extra massage to places where you comb regularly. This will stimulate hair follicle and prevent premature hair damage.


So, these are few very important tips which will make your wig wearing experience very joyful and you can thoroughly enjoy your new stylish look provided to you by your wig without worry to damage your natural hair. Just remember to follow aforementioned tricks and tips and here you are ready to mesmerize the world with your charm.


If you still want some information regarding any of the wig styling or hair care please feel free to visit at We promise you will never go disappointed.

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