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Capless Wig

What Is A Capless Wig?

A wig cap is the foundation of any wig. To create a wig, wefts of hair are sewn or tied into a cap. Then, the hair on the cap is cut and styled in such a way that the wig looks as natural as possible. If a wig cap is the foundation of a wig, then what is a capless wig?

In the past, types of wig caps were limited. There were not many options available. However, over the years wigs have significantly progressed to create different types of caps that are more comfortable and more realistic than ever before. Now there are monofilament caps, hand-tied caps, glueless caps, and capless wigs to choose from.

A "capless wig" is not literally capless. Actually, the term capless is used to describe a certain type of wig cap. A capless wig is a specific type of wig construction that people wear. A capless human hair wig is a wig constructed using human hair with a basic cap and open wefting! a capless wig is also named non-lace wig or machine-made wig and traditional classical wigs.

Wig Cap Construction

Capless wigs are the most common (and most affordable!) type of cap construction. The tops and sides of these wigs have open wefting which is great for ventilation and helps to keep you cool! Capless wigs feature pre-teasing at the roots which give the wig volume. They are also sometimes referred to as "basic" caps.

Indeed, this kind of wig still has a cap.  However, the wefts of hair are less dense and sewn-in with vertical lace strips, resulting in a lot of open space. This creates a wig that is lightweight and breathable. This type of wig also provides good air circulation to your natural hair and scalp.

The Difference Between Capless Wigs and Traditional Wigs

Capless wigs and traditional wig caps both fit into the category of basic wig caps. They are constructed very similarly. The only difference between these two types of wig caps is the crown. The crown on a traditional wig is made of a closed lace piece, while the crown on an open cap wig is made from open lace strips. This allows the capless wig to be more breathable and have better ventilation.

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