Curly hair-a beautiful hairstyle

Curly hair weave is the sign of the fashion and very popular in the market nowadays. Curly hair blends very well with the hairstyles of African American women. I myselft love curly hairstyle very much, it gives a very sexy, bouncy, beautiful hairstyle.


Brazilian curly hair-100% human hair

Beauty Forever Brazilian curly hair is soft, durable and thick with a medium luster that blends well with nearly all hair types. Our Brazilian hair extensions use 100% Brazilian human hair, is silky, wavy and luxurious. Brazilian curly has an elegant natural curl pattern and comes in a naturally dark color. You can style it any ways you like. Shedding is minimal, tangle free and low maintenance.


True Brazilian curly hair review

Autumn Cooper‘s review

"I bleached the knot to make it evern match further, It is very defined, let me show you the length, I feel like this is the perfect hair. I made this wig myself, I sewn it in, tignt and secure, beautiful, no frizzyness, I only use 3 bundle, this hair is thick, I put a lot of hair bottom, I love how it come out."


 Nancy Osazuwa‘s review 

"The hair is amazing, relly a lot of hair. The curly hair's softness is uncomparable with any type of hair I've ever tried, I don't think anyone is gonna a level that beauty forever as far as the curly soft hair. It's pretty, It is ver pretty."


Angela Hallman‘s review

"When I wash the closure, detangle, a little shed, but hair will shed regardless, synthetic hair will shed, human hair will shed, on the top of hair will shed, but this isn't excessive that you can't handle it. this hair is good, detangling and minimal shedding."


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