Unprocessed Virgin Hair

When we choosing hair weaves, you may always see the word "unprocessed Virgin hair". What is unprocessed virgin hair? It is a kind of hair which has been obtained from one donor, wefted with the cuticles aligned, and sold. There has been no processing done to it to achieve a curl pattern or a certain texture. This hair can be dyed, bleached, treated just like your hair because it is hair that is from a donor.


Silky Straight Hair

Virgin straight hairs are very much in demand. Women mostly love to make their hairs straight. Different conditioners and moisturizers are also available in market in order to keep the hairs silky and smooth.


Brazilian Body Wave

The Brazilian body wave curl pattern makes it easy to style and maintain hair. It is soft, bouncy, and beautiful. Its texture initially most resembles the letter “S”. After it is washed it goes back to its original state with a looser wave. e like a nat.


Brazilian Curly Hair

Brazilian curly hairs are curly and smooth. Curly hairs are very much in demand now. Each collection of mink Brazilian curly hairs has collected from on donor. Brazilian curly hairs can last for more than one year if proper care is given.