What Is Yaki Hair

The word yaki appears because the hair is processed to make it similar to African American hair. "Yak hair" refers to the texture of the hair after treatment, similar to chemically relaxed hair. The Yaki hair may come from artificial, maybe Remy or non-Remy. Non-Remy hair comes from different sources, not a single donor.


Yaki hair is created by this soft, silky straight hair, and adds a tiny twisted hair to mimic African hair. If you want a heavier texture, like hair, without chemical treatment, but naturally dry or lightly pressed, you should choose a curved straight hair that looks and feels Very fluffy, that is Yaki hair.

How To Distinguish Between Yaki Hair And Remy Hair

Remy hair is one of the most frequently used terms in the hairdressing industry, making it difficult to understand what it is or why it is so important. In general, the hair of the head horse can be classified as the highest quality level of human hair.


Remy hair is cut from a single donor, the stratum corneum is intact, and all hair is in the same direction from the root to the top. The Yaki hair is the texture of the hair. The Yaki hair can be a human head, a non-human head, or a man-made one. The Yaki hair was cut by a donor, the stratum corneum was intact, and all hair was in the same direction from root to tip. "Yaki" refers to the treated hair, which looks more natural depending on your original hair type. It can be like chemically relaxed hair, or it can be wavy, thickened or curled.


Most people who buy Yaki hair hairstyles are those who want to look more natural, not those who want their hair to look smoother. People who like waves or rough hair styles, as well as people who like Caribbean or African Caribbean style, have chosen Yaki hair. If you are looking for natural hair extensions to enhance your natural hair style, yaki is perfect for you.

Types Of Yaki Hair

There are three types of yaki hair: regular yaki hair, kinky yaki hair, Silky yaki hair.

Regular yaki hair: Regular yaki hair doesn't look so silky straight as silky, it looks relaxed.


Kinky Yaki hair: Yaki straight hair is also called kinky straight hair. This hair looks very full. Yaki hair is one of the most popular hair types. It looks more natural.


Silky yaki hair: Hair texture is silky straight. It looks and feels like freshly relaxed and flat-ironed hair.


The yaki hair is very versatile, easy to get, and superb. If you haven't worn Yaki hair before, believe me, it's time to start, there is no better time than now. All of our yaki hair is currently discounted. So go try it, we promise you won't be disappointed!