First of all, suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, try not to wear the closure hair,if you really want to wear, to wait until the skin disease is completely good again.In addition,in the hot summer, wearing hair closures are unfavorable perspiration,therefore,the wearer in the selection of hair closure should choose good quality hair, it is best to bring breathable mesh.


Hair closures by material into virgin human hair, chemical fiber and human hair mixed with chemical fiber,virgin human hair closures are the most safe and easy to use, and breathable, easy care. But when we wear, we should notice that the hair color is the same as the color of our own hair, not out of touch. when wearing,you should be entangle you own hair with a head cover, so as not to reveal the hair, especially bangs.Hair closures must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the hair is an important maintenance work,in the hair closures washing,we should notice:


1.Washing Hair closures uses warm water. First put the hair in the warm water (15 to 30 degrees is better)for 5 minutes or so, too hot water will reduce the hair service life.

2.Hand scrub, avoid excessive force, nor a long soak.

3.After cleaning, can not be blown with a blower, or on the sun exposure, it should be dry with a towel and dry naturally.

4.The storage of the hair closure need to ventilated, or residual moisture and shampoo is very easy to corrosion the hair.We also note that don't immediately comb after washing the hair and should wait until the hair dry, using special wig comb, not a comb with plastic comb, curly hair basically do not use a comb, where the volume of each hand to tidy up On it.At last,hair closures collection need to be put on the stent after washing,to avoid folding.


We hope that through the above recommendations, you can master human hair closure attention, so you can save a lot of cost, and also keep the hair smooth and flexible all the time, which makes us confident and beautiful everyday!