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In today’s competitive era it is utmost important to be presentable. Also attending meetings and various events are becoming a regular part of professional life. And as hair comprises the most important part of one’s personality, styling the hair at different occasions becomes useful. One of the most famous parts of styling the hair is colouring them using different colours.

If someone wishes to experiment with their hairs either permanent or temporary it is possible. but what someone who is experiencing hair loss or hair thinning can do to enrich their style quotient? Can people wear wigs are not allowed to experiment with their hair colour? Well, such wig users not at all need to disappoint. Here we have come up with a solution to style your hair and experiment your hair by using coloured hair wigs.


In this whole circle, the very important thing is choosing the right colour wig which will suit you. And it is the most crucial part of the wigs buying process. Although wide selection choices available but not each colour suits everyone. Picking the right colour is very important. But not to worry. Here we are to give you a helping hand for the selection of suitable hair colour wig.


A very essential rule to buy a colourful wig to choose wig two shades lighter or two shades darker than natural colour. The same things can be adopted to colouring hair. Because if someone is investing money in a human wig it is very essential that it should suitable.


highlight wigs




It is a very crucial stage while choosing colored wigs. A trendy and elegant look can be ruin in seconds if chosen a wrong coloured wig. To select proper wig colour adjusting with skin tone the family colour tone is also an important consideration.


As a simple test to know your skin tone:


Stand in front of the mirror in bright light and with absolutely no makeup. Compare your look against few coloured t-shirts like red, yellow, blue and green. Take note that against which colour shade your skin looks good.


blonde human hair wigs


You are having a warm skin tone if your skin looks good against red and yellow.


You are having cool skin tone if your skin looks good against the blue and green shirt.


Still, confused with the skin tone? Dont worry. Just another simple technique to confirm your skin tone is a vein test. Just look at the veins on the wrist. Persons with warm skin tone have greenish veins while those with cool tone have blue or purple veins.


Now you must have come up with your skin tone for sure.


So, let us see the different shades of colored wig:


The general rule for selection works on the opposite side. If someone is having a warm skin tone then


What the people with warmer skin tone should wear:


They should choose a wig colour of cool tone to complement your warm skin tone. A colored wig like the brassy red colour, cool brown or ashy, blonde colour can be a choice. But if someone chooses to wear the hair wig of same colour tone then the chances of ruining the look are quite possible. For example, a person with a warm skin tone chooses a coloured wig of golden blonde then it would definitely give a dull look. Therefore, people with warm skin tone can go for colours like pale blonde, platinum and silver-blonde colours. If you want to go towards the darker side then cooler tones like rich black, rich brown are good to go for.


A person with medium to dark warm tone skin type can choose the coloured wig 2-3 shades lighter or darker than that of natural hair. A prime thing to remember here to not let your coloured wig match exactly to your skin tone otherwise it will prove completely bad selection for a wig.


What the people with cooler skin tone should wear?


Choicest must be exactly opposite to the warmer skin tone. A warm and rich must be preferred by them. The colour like honey, chocolate should be chosen.


If someone is having pale skin tone then colours like silver, champagne or platinum must be banned while warm colour shades like orange-red, rich brown, golden blonde should be chosen.


short bob wigs




Irrespective of original eye colour by choosing some wise colour shades one can easily make them stand out. The simple phenomenon used for skin tone can be word to word apply here. Choose a wig colour contrasting to eyeshade.


Individuals with warmer eye shades like golden brown, green blue, brown flecks can pick up cool coloured wig while those with cool coloured eyes like deep brown, black-brown grey-blue, icy blue, dark blue, hazel with white, grey or blue flecks. Applying this criterion will guarantee to give you a complete look.




long straight hair wigs


As we are ageing, a lighter shade of hair gives a calmer and more appealing look. These light and warm shades provide a user with a soft and natural appearance to people with paler skin tone. Some old age people might hesitate to go grey like colours but believe, these shades are more suitable.


A very important point to note that if someone is receiving chemotherapy then the skin will start becoming paler than its original tone. So, the basic rule also applies here. Just go for a with colour two to three shades lighter than your original skin colour.




The people can experiment with the colour of the wig depending upon the occasion to go for. A light-coloured descent wig is most suitable for work and professional attire. While if you are going to a pub or party or a night out then something perky colour will do. It wont be weird if we say that some people change their wig colour depending on the mood swings. While on the other hand, some may not love to do so much experimentation with the wig colour. For them, simple advice is that choose a fine wig that compliments to original hair colour.


If you are willing to do experiments but is a beginner or not so much confident then just choose a lighter shade to go with. The combination of different colours can be done depending upon the event to be attended and the users choice and personality. Even some picky user wants to complement the coloured wig with the type of clothes they use do wear. It is still a good decision to go with neutral colours if you are a newbie.


 For the formal event like an office meeting, one can go for black coloured or max to a max red coloured wig if you are wearing a corporate suit. While for the informal event a few bold changes can be done in your wig colour. A bright pink blue colour can be a good choice.


If you do not like experimenting and wearing a wig for the sole purpose of hiding baldness of hair thinning then a string suggestion is to choose a wig colour close to your natural hair. By doing this a wig can be complementary to the skin tone as well as eye colour.




As the lighting changes, sone may experience the change in wig shade or sometimes colour. This might be the result of light reflecting pigment present in colours. That is the reason why the same colour wig looks different in summer outside and in indoor lighting. The type of fibre as well as length texture of the wig also contribute to the wig colour and make them appear different at different occasions.


The texture of wigs hair is also an important factor because the reflection of light on different textures will be different. For example, the light reflection on curly hair wave will be totally different from straight hair. Another important factor is the type of hair. Like the colour of human hair/ Remy hair will look warmer than on synthetic hair. So, these all things highlight that although any colour wig you choose the overall colour shade will be unique as you wear it.


human hair highlight wigs




If you are living in a hot and humid climate like desert then please dont choose the bright red or dark black colour. The women who live in such climate already know this fact that a dark rich colour does fade in sunny hot climate so it a wiser to buy a wig with light shades that wont fade away quickly. Also, re-dyed hair wigs are also available in the market.


Still, if you not confident in choosing a wig colour? No issues these are not permanent and also re-dyeable wigs (natural human hair wig) are also available. If you are needing some extra help regarding choosing a hair coloured wig then please feel free to contact


You will have fun while experimenting with your wig colour. We promise you will not get disappointed with us.

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