The first production process after the human hair purchasing is bleaching and dyeing.The first step,if the customer does not specifically request, the virgin human hair must be acid treatment:A certain concentration of sulfuric acid and then mixed with other drugs, soaked the human hair!Why acid it?


According to our ordinary people's thinking, human hair dirty and not clean! Acid is the first to sterilization.The hair after the acid is easy to knot, then the skin is also easy to be hurt!We need to use ammonia to neutralize.And at the same time, you can bleach, after bleaching, you can dye the hair!In this process,the role of ammonia is clearly in order to neutralize the acid in the last part and making the hair smooth and no knot.Dyeing need to provide the color plate, the allocation of dye, making samples, contrasting colors, adjust the amount of dye to achieve the color of customer requirements!At last,wash the hair with warm water! If the color is slightly deep to repeat the cleaning!


Through the above analysis, we know the complexity and strictness of the virgin human hair production,then we also know that the virgin human hair is particularly safe for us.Beautyforever Hair has been producing human hair weave for many years, both in terms of production and monitoring, and we have a variety of styles, such as body wave hair, straight human hair, deep wave hair, curly hair weave and so on, Welcome everybody to order!