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How To Wear Hair Wigs  
Hairnet worn method  

Hairnet worn methods


1.Hairnet is opening on both sides,stretch it and set it from the head down to the neck.

2.The locked side of the hairnet towards down,then with both hands pinch the unlocked side and pull up it until it covers all your hair.

3.Adjust the locked side to hairline,kneading the hair evenly and fixed with hairpin on the head back,do not on the top of the head.

4.All around are fixed,more firmly with the hairclips.

Wigs worn method  
Wigs worn method  

1.Before wearing wig,comb it smooth from top to ends,if curly hair,just shake the hair.

2.Accoring to the different size of head,our wig has adjustment buckles,there are many grids between two adjustment buckles.Accoring to the size of your head hung the hook to the right place or with the help of your friends.

3.After worn the wig,use professional care solution,design a favourite hairstyle,especially the bangs parts.

1.Fixed your hair to the head using hair pins.  
                                                           How to wear hair wig?  
2.Wear a hairnet on your head.  
                                                           How to wear hair wig?  

3.Use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to clean the skin around your entire hairline. Rub along your hairline from your forehead to the back of your head.


                                                           How to wear hair wig?

4.Smear glue or sticking  tapes along the perimeter of the hairline, and let it dry before wearing the lace wig. Do not link your lace wig with wet glue because it will not stick well.  

                                                           How to wear hair wig?

5.Using scissors to trim the excess lace, cutting small amounts each time . Beginners can leave about 1/2 inches lace for attaching it with the tape or glue easily.

                                                           How to wear hair wig?  

6.Roll the lace edge of the wig along your hairline until all stick to your skin. once you put the wig in the proper position. Press the edges of the wig onto the glue, starting at the top of your head and then moving to the back of your head and behind the ears.

                                                           How to wear hair wig?  

7.When done, wig should look natural and the hairline should clean. You can style your wig as you like. g. Do not link your lace wig with wet glue because it will not stick well.

                                                           How to wear hair wig?  















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