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How To Get More Volume In Hair?

Hair with a big volume seems fluffy, fresh, and clean. Instead, flag hair always gives a greasy look. No one wants to have hair that tightly against the head without any air. So, how to avoid a flag hair look, and how to get more volume in your hair? Follow me, you will get all you want to know.


1. Completely clean your hair

Even after shampooing, your hair is still greasy and itchy, this could be a sign that you're not cleaning your hair completely. There is still something dirty on the surface of your hair. It is time to consider cleaning hair with classified shampoo. It will remove the hair's dust and remove the cumulative product hidden inside the hair. It's like a loaded hot air balloon that goes higher when it's unloaded

2. Throw hair conditioner

We all know, a hair conditioner is a kind of product that works to keep hair smooth, healthy, and moisturized. It works so well to make hair smooth. But, too much conditioner makes your hair too smooth or too flat to provide the space for air to set.

Glossy and smooth hair pieces cling to each other, nothing even wind can separate them. Of course, it is good to hair maintain and protect hair from breakage and damage to a certain degree, but it lacks the foundation that makes hair fluffy.

So, try to just use shampoo to wash your hair without conditioner and see what will happen.


3. Use the blow-dryer to get more volume


Some people may think certainly that heat tools will damage hair. Actually, heat could play a great role in getting hair volume and do not break hair off at the time time. It depends on how you use it.

When you are looking for hair volume, you have to figure out where the volume comes from. The volume comes from the scalp or the root area, where your hair grows from. Thats why we always want to get the volume or lift at the end of the hair. It is the foundation of hair volume.

Blow dry your hair, use your hands as tools, lift a piece of your hair and block the air in that area. Put the nasal of the blow dryer towards your hair for a couple of seconds. Then, do it again. What you are going to do is to set the hair, and give it volume, which will really help you when you style your hair.


4. Try a curly hairstyle


Changing hairstyles to turn long straight hair into curly hair is a great way to add volume to your hair. Curly hair is generally visually more voluminous than straight hair. And when curls are fluffy and bouncy, the beauty of curly hair comes to life.

To add volume to your curls, blow dry your hair with a blow dryer. The heat helps lift the roots of your hair from the scalp, thereby adding volume to the hair.

Also, use a cleansing shampoo to remove product buildup from frizzy hair. Buildup does aggravate and flatten natural curls. To add volume to your curls, clean out your hair once a month to make the curls fuller.

You can also use your fingers to fluff the roots of your hair to fluff up your hair. It's a quick and long-lasting way to get natural volume without resorting to volume products.

Gently dividing your curls into smaller curls is one of the great ways to instantly fluff your hair.


5. Backcomb your hair

Back brushing can also be understood as brushing the hair or brushing the hair towards the scalp in order to create a knot or knot in the hair. While we all love smooth hair, knots can make your hair look fluffy.

But be aware that brushing back can temporarily add volume to your hair, and it can also cause serious knots. Instead of using a fine-toothed comb, which can damage your precious hair and lead to a tangled nightmare. Use a large paddle comb to gently brush back from the roots. Comb the roots down for a voluminous look, and use hairspray to hold the voluminous hair in place before brushing the rest out. Tie the top half of your hair to help reveal the roots. To make the whole process easier to work with, divide the hair into sections beforehand.

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