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How To Maintain T Part Wigs?

Human hair T part wigs have a similar texture to our natural hair, which needs careful maintenance or they will soon be frizzy, dull, and lose their luster to shorten lifespan. So to keep our pretty hair gorgeous, smooth, and moisturized all the time, you have to learn how to maintain hair greatly and take care of it.

Now let us go to see useful tips of T part wig care together. It will not be difficult if you focus on it.

Comb your wig every time you wear it


hair comb

Brush T part wigs every morning when you get up, and if your wear it the whole day and do not remove them from your head at night, please do the same thing again in the evening before going to the bed.

As we all know, knots generate due to hair friction and they are hard to unfold. Messy and tangled hair is prone to be hurt, damaged, or even broken in the external environment, so untangle hair every time you are preparing to apply it and remove it to protect hair.

Smooth hair reduces unnecessary friction to a great extent and keeps hair glossy as well.

Moisturize T part wigs regularly



Water is the key point to keeping the elasticity of hair. If you want to extend the life of your wigs and style them following your heart, bear in mind: use some products to feed hair water.

Moisturized spray is one of the best options. When you wear human hair wigs the whole day, take them out and spray water on your hair. It is super convenient and effective to carry it in a bag.

Moisturized shampoo and conditioners. Do not forget the common products we always use. Pick wig moisturized shampoo and conditioners, they play a better role in keeping the moisture of the hair.

Apply natural oil

 hair oil

Natural oils, like olive oil and coconut oil, are good for our hair. T part wigs at Beautyforever are all human hair wigs. Natural oil could help to remove hair tangles and frizziness. Moreover, it nourishes your hair to a great extent. Smear a bit of oil on the scalp and the surface of your hair, it would renew the luster of wigs and restore hair quality.

Wash hair regularly

We recommend washing your soft wigs every 6-8 wears.

Deep condition your hair

condition hair

Natural oil works well when you swear it on dry hair because oil and water do not mix. And for wig conditioners, there is no water limit. Generally, we used to condition the hair after rinsing shampoo. This step is great and recommended.

And it is good to apply a deep conditioner every other wash since human hair needs added moisture. It is very important to evenly apply a conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends. Please avoid applying conditioner to the base or cap as this can affect the integrity and cause shedding. Use products made for color-treated human hair and follow manufacturer instructions when using a deep conditioner or treatment.  

Moreover, it is better to condition lace frontal wigs for a long time so that every hair can be soaked in conditioner mixed water. Remove your hair, then put it in a sink. Soak hair for hours or a night. Trust me, hair looks shiny and smooth than before only if you have a try.

Style your wigs

Human hair T part wigs are kind of versatile and can get styled in a variety of ways, much more than synthetic wigs. For the best results, be gentle when styling your wig, avoid high heat, and strong force, and use common hair products made for natural hair. Products that are designed for human hair wigs are better.

Hope this article helps you understand how to maintain T part wigs and keep them longer. Beautyforever promises you a variety of high-quality human hair T part wigs for cheap. Come and join Beautyforever Black Friday Sale, let us divide one million cash together!


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