A ponytail is a simple but beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle can be worn anywhere from a casual party to an important job interview you’ve been preparing for many days. Today let us talk about how to make a ponytail with human hair bundles.


What is a ponytail?


A ponytail is a hairstyle of putting all your hair back your head which tied by the clip, hair tied or other tools. According to the location, you can see a low ponytail, middle ponytail, and high ponytail.


How to make a ponytail with human hair bundles


Human hair bundles are popular for African America women. Normally people use them to make wigs, but the process is complex compare with making a ponytail.


People will ask how many human hair bundles do they need for a ponytail. As a professional hair seller, we suggest that you purchase at least 2 bundles per 100g. In the market, there are the various size of human hair weaves, but they're only one size 100g per bundle in beauty forever hair store. The different section needs a different volume of hair.


This is the general step for making a ponytail by hair bundles


Brush your hair in the right section at how high you want your ponytail.


Tighten your hair and make it flat not mess.


Open the weave, use one clip on the weft and pin it on your hair, or braid it.


Wrap hair weaves at the root of your own ponytail till you think the hair is ok.


Use the brush to make the hair neat.  


As following the tutorial is how to make a ponytail by curly hair weave



Don’t you want as beautiful as her, please try beauty forever hair bundles, it won’t let you down.


Ponytails on women or girls are very popular because it is elementary to install. There are various ways to use it, customers can DIY their own hairstyles about the ponytail.


Can we use other hair items to replace hair bundles?


Yes, of course. If you don’t want to use hair weaves, you can choose 360 lace frontal wigs, 370 lace wigs or full lace wigs. When you wear the wig because the wigs were hand-made needle by needle. The pre-plucked hairline is very natural and invisible, you can hang it to a ponytail, but the price is higher than purchasing human hair bundles.


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