Materials of hair weave

Both Human hair and synthetic hair are available in Beautyforever hair mall and both come in various type, colors, textures and styles and lengths. When it comes to source of hair, human hair has Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian Hair. Human hair weaves are usually more expensive than synthetic hair as human hair has high quality.

Human hair

High quality, long-lasting human hair wefts are available in Beautyforever hair mall. Our human hair contains: 100% Human Hair, virgin hair, remy hair and Non-remy hair. The hair can be washed, conditioned, dried, and colored just like a person's own hair. It also tends to provide a good deal of styling freedom;

Virgin remy hair is the best quality human hair weave for the hair is completely in its natural flow direction and ensures 100% tangle-free and it can be colored and permed as you want.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made from chemically processed fibers; although more affordable, it may not look as real and could be harder to style. Synthetic hair extensions are frequently available in a wider a number of beauty supply stores. The quality of synthetic hair can vary widely.