Before wholesale human hair, there are something you need to confirm, like what kind of hair do you like to order? How much bundles you would like to purchase? What kind of hairstyle you want to buy? How long of hair bundles you like to choose? Which hair color you want to buy from Beauty Forever Mall?


1. Choose the Human Hair Texture

When wholesale human hair, Beauty Forever has 4 classic hair textures for customers to choose: 100% Virgin Brazilian human hair, Indian human hair, Peruvian human hair, Malaysian human hair. And there are a very interesting thing, when buy body wave, most customer choose Brazilian body wave; when buy curly hair, most women choose Malaysian curly; when buy Straight hair, many women turns to buy Peruvian hair.


Brazilian hair – the best that you can get, naturally healthy and shiny. Brazilian hair is in demand for its consistent color, texture, and versatility. Brazilian hair has gained so much popularity owing to it being healthy, smooth and shiny. Wholesale Brazilian human hair would be a great choice.


body wave bundles


Peruvian hair - one of the softest, lightweight, natural looking types of hair extensions. The soft texture of Peruvian hair makes it looks fuller than other hair type, if you are into full hair, this will definitely choose Peruvian hair. Wholesale Peruvian human hair would be a great choice.


Indian hair - natural soft, lightweight and bouncy, so the Indian hair extensions can easily be curled and styled. Wholesale Indian human hair would be a great choice.


Malaysian hair - soft and has a natural curl pattern, can some of the time seem exceptionally gleaming, takes a little longer to straighten. Malaysian curly hair is the best selling hair products in Beauty Forever Mall, give a very cute and beautiful curl pattern.


2. Choose the Human Hair Types You Like

When wholesale human hair bundles, you should choose the right hair types you want most. You can send message to our customer service online for help or directly give a call.


Beauty Forever has silky straight, Bouncy body wave, beautiful curly hair, loose wave, natural wave, water wave and deep wave for customers to choose from. Each hair type has its own special charm. For your reference, body wave and curly hair is the best selling hair types in Beauty Forever Mall.


straight human hair bundles


3. Choose the Hair Length


Hair length plays an important role in a woman’s overall image. When wholesale human hair, you would like to confirm the hair length you want to purchase.


To better suits customers' needs, a large range of hair lengths 8-30 inches human hair are available for you to choose at Beauty Forever Store. You can choose 24, 26, 28, 30 inches for long hair, long hair will help your hair look voluminous, sexy and flowing. If you like cute short hairstyle, Beauty Forever has short hair 8, 12, 14 inches for you to choose.


4. Choose Your Favorite Hair Colors

When wholesale human hair, you might want various hair colors to buy for trying various hairstyle. Apart from natural black human hair, Beauty Forever has many hair colors for customers to choose from, like: ombre hair 3 tones, blonde, strawberry blonde, grey, rich copper red, light brown, dark brown hair weave.